Daily Rituals: How Artists Work

I write. I design. I sing. I create art. I also cook, clean, hold a job, go to yoga, maintain relationships, and attend cultural events. Oh, and sleep. I try to get eight hours. And what about time to meditate and daydream? What about time to read and take walks? How can I fit it all in? How does anyone fit it all in? I was drawn to this book because I am always looking for answers to the creative work/life balance question. Did I get answers? Well, I certainly found out that there are as many ways to approach creative work as there are creative people. Mason Currey’s Daily Rituals: How Artists Work is fascinating in that respect. You will learn how composers, painters, writers, architects and many more creatives have structured their days. You will feel relieved to know that you are not alone in your attempts to figure it out. I don’t keep many books, but this is one I will refer to whenever I need reassurance that artists have always managed to figure out how to get their work done in the midst of full, busy lives. Some more successfully than others. And some more memorably than others. Intrigued? Good!


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