Tiny Houses Part I

No, I am not talking about my Brooklyn apartment! I am talking about the amazing abodes created by the wild Monk Parakeets in Brooklyn! This particular spot near Brooklyn College has some elaborate nests. A friend and I took an evening summer walk awhile back — hoping to spot fireflies (we did) — and found ourselves nearby, so we went to check in on them. This particular nest had two green parakeets just hanging out, enjoying the evening on their, um, front porch! A snazzy scavenged scarf on the side adding a bit of panache to their home. I had seen the wild parrots of Telegrah Hill in San Francisco, but I had never seen a nest. When I first moved to Brooklyn from Manhattan, I had heard about the various flocks, but my first sighting was actually a “sounding.” I heard this awful screeching ruckus near Brooklyn College and out of the corner of my eye, a flash of green flew by. Aha! I looked around and spotted these incredible nests high in the trees. Not long after, I spotted another colony at Green-Wood Cemetery. I would love to hear stories from those of you who have experienced these adaptable birds up close and personal. (Hopefully they won’t be driven out by gentrification like so many Brooklynites have!) For even more fascinating facts about them, visit the Brooklyn Parrot Society here.


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