Designer | Artist | Writer | Blogger | Maker | Collector | Cultural Omnivore

I am a graphic designer, writer and fine artist — and pursue many other creative projects as well. I am also creating hand-dyed, hand-painted silk scarves under the name, victoriab:design!

This blog is where I reflect on the creative life — and life in general. You can learn more about my fine art at victoriabeerman.com or visit my other blogs: victoriab:culturevictoriab:collectiblesvictoriab:design. Depending on your interests, I hope you find a blog that you enjoy and that you visit often — and most importantly that you share your thoughts with all of us!

You can find me on InstagramTwitter, and Pinterest. I am often commenting in the blogosphere as either victoriab or CurlyV (sometimes CurlyV2 — yes, I need to sort out those usernames! Bear with me!) You can visit my Etsy shops at victoriabcollectible and at VictoriaBDesignShop and you can contact me through either shop. If you like what you see, like me on my Facebook pages as well! (I can be found on Facebook at victoriab:design, at Victoria Beerman: Artist & Designer — and soon — at victoriab:collectibles.) It will be fun sharing our inspiration and creative pursuits with each other!

(All images and text © Victoria Beerman unless otherwise noted. All Rights Reserved.)


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