Best gift ever


In 1978 one of my favorite aunts gave me a faux-denim journal with blank pages. Blank pages! And hardcover like a real book, to boot! My teenaged imagination was stoked and I promptly began to fill the journal with art and writing and quotes I loved. I have been an avid journal-keeper ever since. Now I am bringing some of my art and writing online. It’s a new experience. Not better, not worse — just different. I wonder if I will continue to keep physical journals? It’s hard to imagine giving up the tactile sensation of pen and paper and pasting and painting. But now it will be hard to give up blogging, too. Maybe I can have the best of both worlds. By way of introduction, here are two of my very first journal entries. And by the way, I still do think a beautiful deliciously blank journal is one of the best gifts ever.



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