Tiny Houses Part II

I was visiting friends on Long Island this summer. They live near Fire Island National Seashore and Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge. Their verdant yard is a wonderland for living things of all sorts. The plants and visiting wildlife change with the seasons. Some of the creatures build structures, and they are absolute works of art.… Continue reading Tiny Houses Part II


Retro Reflections

I have recently discovered the pleasures of Pinterest, and have been busy creating boards with all kinds of designs and designers that inspire me — especially pattern and textile design. I also keep old school scrapbooks that I call “inspiration books” where I paste colors, quotes and images that make my creative juices flow. One day… Continue reading Retro Reflections

Edible Patterns

I was preparing savory tarts for Thanksgiving (rosemary fennel for one; leek for the other — to make a flamiche.) When I floated the sliced vegetables in the sink, they made wonderful patterns, reminiscent of 1950s organic textile designs. My giant eucalyptus branches also fit the ’50s fabric bill. It would be interesting to trace… Continue reading Edible Patterns